Hi!  Welcome to my personal tribute to the music of my youth. I created the "Disco Museum" as a
resource for those that want to know more about the musical style created in the 1970's. For those
who wish to relive memories of the glorious days of carefree dancing. And to preserve a legacy of
information for future generations. Please feel free to contact me with any errors, omissions,
updates, or suggestions. This is an evolving project so check back often as it grows daily.

One man-one site-one music-one love.......
This site is dedicated to the late, and true great D.J., Lou DiVito.  For the wonderful nights you gave to so many. Like the music...you too were CLASSIC!   
And T.L. Noble who gave me the chance to "push her buttons" on the best light show in the world!  And Eddie Dugan who made it ALL possible!
Visitors to the "DiscoMuseum" since 2001...................................
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