Larry James
Born: 8-2-1949 Died: 12-5-1987
heart attack)
    Fat Larry's Band had its beginnings in 1972. Larry, an accomplished drummer, was playing with The Delfonics at the time, and recalled going to see Blue Magic perform at a local
Philadelphia club. When Blue Magic’s regular backup band struck out for greener pastures, Larry was also free, having departed
The Delfonics organization. He handpicked the members
of the band which played behind Blue Magic for the next five years.
“We called ourselves The Magic Of Blue,” he recalled. “Those were some great years."
    “By 1975,”
he continued, “we felt the band was ready to record as an individual unit, and fortunately, WMOT Records president Alan Rubens and vice-president Steve Bernstein
felt the same way.”
At that time the band decided to take on the name of their leader, and Fat Larry’s Band signed an exclusive contract with WMOT Productions early in 1976.
    Their first album was
"Feel It" on WMOT Records, distributed by Atlantic. “It was an all-out disco album. Disco was really happening. But when we made out first record for
Fantasy/Stax in 1978,
"Off the Wall," it seemed like slower songs were taking off better, so we went more in that direction.” 1979's "Lookin’ For Love" again highlighted their
predilection for upbeat dance music. The album produced three hit singles:
“Here Comes The Sun,” “How Good Is Love” and the club smash "Looking For Love."
The group had one final hit with 1982's "Act Like You Know." James along with wife Doris wrote most all of the band's material as well as producing label mate Slick. James who
had always been a large man finally succumbed to a heart attack at the young age of 38. One can only imagine the success that could have been....